The newest, emerging trend in the construction sector has indeed made a mark. Featuring in the top innovations of 2018, Digital construction is a whole new appeal towards the traditional industry of construction. The construction remains the same, but the approach towards it is entirely different – unique and futuristic.

So what exactly is Digital Construction? It is the use of all kinds of digital tools which will give a better edge to the built environment.

Digital Construction need not be something elaborate. Something as simple as the WhatsApp Messenger also forms part of the Digital Construction modes. How does WhatsApp help here? Well, imagine the amount of time you will save when the task for which you would have to conduct a visit, is completed over WhatsApp, Skype or any such app? But the modes in Digital Construction don’t restrict themselves here – we have drones coming in, the use of 3D Printing and all the latest digital technology that is effortlessly being incorporated into the otherwise rigid construction sector.


The use of these modern technologies in construction is making construction sites more safer, efficient and remotely accessible. Architects, engineers and builders now use Virtual Reality, to bring life to their designs much before the actual work has even begun. And this helps a lot – in visualising and analysing any scope for improvement. Many apps are coming up, which seamlessly convert 2D designs into 3D designs right at the construction site. Imagine the complexity of these designs, which can be so efficiently processed by these apps to give a better result and view. This ensures error free and faster implementation of these plans.

Another exciting feature is the Smart Helmet. It was innovated to increase security as well as the efficiency of workers on construction sites. These helmets provide the workers with intricate details and best display of the plan.

Digital Construction is not looking to revolutionise the traditional process entirely. But yes, all it aims to do is introduce and incorporate changes which can make the sector more productive and efficient, and much more innovative. There are many pros and cons of Digital Construction, but time will help overcome these too. Though the introduction and acceptance of Digital technologies in construction all over will take quite some time, this shift towards modernity is definitely going to help the construction sector at large. And it’s heartening to see the construction sector slowly warming up to this new change!