Well, we all know and understand the gravity of the “Urban Jungle” concept. We’re intruding into greener spaces with our human-made constructions, not bothering about the consequences. This is precisely why shifting towards a greener, and eco-friendly materials are becoming more and more important by the day. And this is indeed a positive move – what’s better than constructing in a sustainable manner that will help both us and the earth to co-exist in harmony?

Many developments are happening in eco-friendly constructions and architects, engineers and builders are making sure that these are incorporated into their new structures. And the response received is quite good, which is really encouraging. So let’s have a look at some green elements which can be incorporated in the constructions:

Green roofs are probably the most accepted green element. A green roof is nothing but a roof with a green cover. The roof is covered with soil, and whatever plants you desire are then planted there. Of course, the extent of your green roof depends on your budget and available space. Make sure you get a qualified contractor who can install your green roof keeping in mind the other requirements of proper water drainage in mind. The Green roofs have a lot of benefits – regulate the temperature and air in homes, and also, you need not visit the market to pick up your herbs!

Rainwater harvesting is an older method of conserving water, but yet, people haven’t warmed up to the idea of incoprporating rainwater harvesting in their homes – which is why it deserves a special mention here. There are many new technologies which help you harvest rainwater in a better and efficient manner. And adopting Rainwater harvesting has immense benefits, so it’s perfectly logical to have this system incorporated in homes.


The best companion to your Green roof is none other than solar panels. While solar panels are a bit bulky and spoil the look, you can easily opt for solar shingles, which are in vogue lately and have come into the picture to overcome the barriers of solar panels. Solar shingles are a bit expensive, but hey, the benefits that they provide are a lot more. And you will realise this when you find the electricity bills in your home dwindling!

There are ways and means to include unique green elements in homes, and thinking out of the box will definitely help. Though the costs of green homes are a bit higher, this initial investment will soon reap its benefits in the form of low power bills and other natural facilities that green homes provide.